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Royal Constitution

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1 Royal Constitution on Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:53 pm

The Nation's Order Alliance was founded to create long-lasting peace and order throughout the members of the Nation's Order Alliance. The goals of this order are to bring wealth, support and strength to its member nations.

Article I; Membership
The Nation's Order Alliance does not have strict control over membership. You may apply on our forums, and you will be accepted so long as your membership does not place any harm on this alliance. Once you are masked as a member, you will be shown respect and will be expected to do the same in return. We are different here: We make sure everyone is heard and everyone is equal.

Article II; Government
The government of the Nation's Order Alliance is designed to allow for maximum flexibility and opportunity. The structure is as follows:

Prime Minister: The Prime Minister is the Leader of the alliance. This person is the Chief, tasked with maintaining a well formed, functioning alliance.

Royal Supervisor: The Royal Supervisor is the Second in Command of the alliance. This person is tasked with ensuring that all of the membership, and all systems, are functioning. The Royal Supervisor reports to the Prime Minister, and takes orders directly from the Prime Minister.

Minister of Defence (MoD): The Minister of Defence is tasked with maintaining the strength and safety of each and every member in this alliance. They are to maintain the power of the Nation's Order Alliance, and, if necessary, delcare war if a treaty invocation requires it.

Minister of Finance (MoF): The Minister of Finance is in charge of organizing large-scale tech deals, helping new members set themselves into Trade Circles, as well as organizing the banking/aid efforts of the alliance. The Minister of Finance may also commence Nation Audits to make sure that individual nations are earning the maximum profit from their nation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA): The Minister of Foreign Affairs is tasked with maintaining embassies with foreign alliances, and maintaing embassies in which we hold from foreign alliances. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is also responsible for developing relations with new treaty partners and maintaining existing ones.

Minister of Home Affairs (MoHA): The Minister of Home Affairs is tasked with organizing large-scale recruitment campaigns along with publishing new and improved recruitment messages. This minister is also in charge of showing new members the skill of which Cyber Nations is played. The Minister of Home Affairs will produce guides on how to play Cyber Nations, and will make sure they are up-to-date so that the reader may learn in the most efficient way possible.
This minister is also referred to as: Minister of Education (MoE) and Minister of Recruitment (MoR).

Ministries: Each ministry is lead by one Minister, along with a maximum two deputies, one of which become the successor of the minister if said minister is to either resign, become promoted, or even exiled.

Article III; Contracts
The Prime Minister and/or Royal Supervisor may enter into informal agreements for the alliance as whole. The Minister of Foreign Affairs may enter into informal agreements for the benefit of the alliance pertaining to their jurisdiction. Should a treaty be signed, all six members of Government are required to submit signature.

Article IV; War
Only the Prime Minister, with the a 66% approval of the core government, may enter the alliance into a state of war. Should a treaty invocation require our entrance into conflict, the Prime Minister, Royal Supervisor, or Minister of the Defence may formally delcare war.

Article V; Tech Raiding
Non-Government Members may perform a tech raid as long as it follows few guidlines.
-You may not raid any alliance with 2 or more members.
-You may not raid any alliance or nation affiliated with Nation's Order Alliance.
-All else is open game.

The Nation's Order Alliance will not support Tech Raids. Therefore, any damages made to an enemy nation or the attacking member nation will not be repaired by the Nations Order Alliance, that responsibility lies solely with the Member who acted. No Member of Government, or Government Staff, may conduct a tech raid.

Article VI; Position Attainment
The Prime Minister is a lifelong position, or until he/she resigns. The Royal Supervisor, Minister of Defence, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Minister of Development may be removed from “office” with a majority 66% vote from the other government members.

In the event that the post of Prime Minister is vacant, the Royal Supervisor is automatically promoted, and the process to find a new Royal Supervisor commences.

In the event that a position in government other than that of the Prime Minister is vacant, the Prime Minister may appoint someone, with the approval of one of the other members of government.

Artcle VII; Expulsion
In the unfortunate event that a member must be removed from the alliance, the Prime Minister and/or Royal Supervisor may demand their immediate exit from the alliance affiliation. Should force be required, the Minister of the Defence is authorized to utilize any force he/she deems necessary to execute the task of removing a member.

Article VIII; Amendments
Understanding that times change, and that a government must be flexible, this Constitution may be amended or revoked by the Prime Minister.

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